Steven Lenhart Crew Uniform

Q&A: Getting to know Steven Lenhart

It won't be hard for Quakes fans to relate to their newest target man.

He surfs. He rocks flip flops and tank tops. He says dude.

Steven Lenhart is California. And when he gets on the field, he sheds that laid-back persona for something akin to a road-raged commuter driving a Hummer in rush hour traffic.

Lenhart is familiar with both the beach boy lifestyle and clogged highways. The former Azusa Pacific standout grew up in Southern California. (Don't worry, Quakes fans. Lenhart doesn't identify with the Galaxy.)

Part beach boy, part wrecking ball, Lenhart figures to add a new dimension to San Jose's attack. However, whether his contributions come as a 12th man or pairing with Chris Wondolowski atop the Quakes attack, Lenhart is stoked just to get the opportunity to move back to the Golden State. Where were you when you found out you were being traded to San Jose?
Steven Lenhart: I was driving home from breakfast talking to my former college coach Phil Wolf.

SJEQ: What was your initial reaction to the trade?
SL: I smiled.

SJEQ: What should Quakes fans expect to see from you? What kind of player are you?
SL: They should expect to see me have a lot of fun.

SJEQ: You grew up in Cali - what are you most looking forward to doing when you get back here?
SL: More than anything, I'm looking forward wearing tank tops on a more consistent basis.

SJEQ: I hear you're a surfer. Looking forward to dropping in on some NorCal waves?
SL: Mavericks baby! Yeah I am definitely going to surf.

SJEQ: Ever seen a shark while out on your board?
SL: No, but I have seen some big fish.

SJEQ: Now I know you're a SoCal kid. Up here we get hyphy, say hella and hate the Galaxy. You ready for all that?
SL: I'm not a hater, but you won't catch me using all those words.

SJEQ: Did you visit the Bay often growing up? What's your favorite part about the area?
SL: I never really visited, but I love the big city.

SJEQ: If you have a free weekend and you're not surfing or playing soccer, what are you doing?
SL: I'm crocheting with ladies at a retirement home or skating.

SJEQ: Here in the Silicon Valley we have a rep as being a techy, nerdy place. We roll deep with Facebook, Google and Apple. What kinda technological pieces are you working with (cell, iPad, abacus)?
SL: I have a Droid.

SJEQ: Have you ever talked to Chris Wondolowski? What do you know about the guy?
SL: I haven't had the chance yet, but I've heard he is a good dude.

SJEQ: When are you arriving in the Bay Area?
SL: Sometime this week.

SJEQ: Got any final words for Quakes fans?
SL: Do you know the way to San Jose? I've been away so long.

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