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Academy Update: Pillon No. 2 in NorCal rankings

See Northern California & Hawaii Region Top 20 Rankings - Boys | Girls

There has been a pair of players, Travis Pillon and Nathan Smith, in the 2013 Boys class from the Northern California and Hawaii region that have made a splash on the national stage.

"It's a huge honor being up there near the top among the players in Northern California. It's nice to see that my work day in and day out has helped," Pillon said. "I have to keep working as hard as I can every day to keep getting better and improve my game."

boys youth club soccer player travis pillon
Travis Pillon

Travis is one of the most talented players around, and has a bright future in front of him.

Currently playing for the San Jose Earthquakes, Pillon plays up with the U18 squad. Training almost everyday has helped him focus and improve his game so much that San Jose granted him an opportunity to train with the full professional side.

"In about a month, I am going to Tottenham to train with the Earthquakes MLS team while they do preseason in England, and I get some professional life experience," Pillon said.

There seems to be a wide-open door filled with possibilities to play professionally in the near future for Travis. Yet, he prefers getting an education first, before going pro.

"My goal is to hopefully play professional soccer one day, but I want to first go to college. I want to attend a good academic and soccer school first, and see what happens from there," said Pollin. "I was asked to attend the U.S. U17 residency program, but returned home for my own academic reasons."

Other players ranked at the top of heap of Northern California and Hawaii region include Isaiah Trejo who leads the 2011 Boys. Marc Pelosi and Ryan Masch are one-two with the 2012 Boys.

Elijah Martin is at the top of the 2014 Boys, while Evan Martinez leads the 2015 Boys.

On the girls side Abby Dahlkemper leads the 2011 Girls, Reilly Parker the 2012 Girls, and Alyssa Herwatt jumped one spot to the top of the 2013 Girls. Sarah Robinson wraps up the rankings, sitting at the top of the 2014 Girls.

See Northern California & Hawaii Region Top 20 Rankings - Boys | Girls

Quakes Academy Players in the Rankings:

Juan Guerrero (No. 7, Class of 2011)
Samuel Engs (No. 15, Class of 2012)
Travis Pillon (No. 2, Class of 2013)
Nick Lima (No. 19, Class of 2013)


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