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Kaval's Kickoff: Top 10 from Demolition Day

What a week for the San Jose Earthquakes! Demolition Day was a full on extravaganza filled with everything from foam sledgehammers to an M2 Bradley Tank. I was so enthralled by the event and our fans' excitement and energy around the celebration that I felt compelled to take a page out of another guy named Dave from the Midwest and give my very own top-10 list.

Here is the official Dave Kaval's Top Ten List of Amazing Moments from Demolition Day:

[inline_node:7930]10) Hundreds of passionate Quakes fans and dignitaries gathered to celebrate the Demolition of the FMC Building.
9) The tasty mini cupcakes that spelled out "EARTHQUAKES".
8) The awesome graffiti art provided by the 1906 Ultras, Soccer Silicon Valley, and The Casbah with a special shout out to the posse that made the logo.
7) The A-Team music upon entrance of the M2 Bradley Tank and the Quakes front office arranging for Murdoch to operate the Tank.
6) John Doyle pumping up the crowd.
[inline_node:7931]5) The excavator pulling back the first layers of the FMC Building and every person recording the moment on their iPhone…
4) Did You Feel That? The Excavator slamming the ground to create a mini-earthquake and several aftershocks!
3) The Quakes players emerging from the back of the M2 Bradley Tank to a surprised crowd of onlookers and kicking soccer balls into the mass of humanity.
2) Two words: Flat Fridge.
1) "Keith Wolff: Tear down that wall!" Sam Liccardo, City Council Member City of San Jose as he waves a blue foam sledgehammer.


Once again, I want to thank everyone who made the amazing day possible. It is an important milestone as we move forward with the stadium project and I look forward to keeping everyone appraised of the situation as it unfolds.

The other great news from the week was the Quakes 1-0 win over the Colorado Rapids in a rematch of the 2010 Eastern Conference Championship. This was a great antidote to the news that Steven Lenhart required a small knee scope and is out four weeks and will miss the opener. Steven had been a dynamic contributor on the pitch in the preseason. It was impressive to see the team bounce right back and knock off the Rapids. We wish Steven a speedy recovery and we look forward to his contributions to the Quakes in the 2011 campaign.

If you haven't got your tickets to First Kick on Saturday March 19 against Real Salt Lake, you should get a hold of a sales rep or go to tickets.com quickly as tickets have been selling like hot cakes since Demolition Day. We hope to follow up the Demolition Day extravaganza with an assortment of cool and fun events including a great soccer match on Saturday March 19 against a top-flight opponent in Real Salt Lake.


Dave Kaval
San Jose Earthquakes


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