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Social Footballer: Don't Call it a Comeback

I decided to title this post “Don’t Call it a Comeback” for one simple reason: I never left. I may have ended my career as a player, but I have always been a part of this club.

My goal with this weekly blog is to give all you Quakes fans out there a different perspective of the lives of all of the players that we love to watch on weekends. I want everyone to see the behind the scenes look at what the true life of an MLS footballer is like.

Throughout the year, I will be writing about different things that take place off the pitch and will be including many videos to give you a true view of our players and their personalities.

To this point, Earthquakes fans, I want to know what you are most interested in knowing. Do you want to know what life is like in the training room? The gym? At home on the couch? In your favorite player's favorite restaurant? I will listen to what you have to say and do my best to deliver. 

There are many ways to get in contact with me so find me on twitter at @kelg22 or on and send me a message.


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