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Social Footballer: Come on you Blues

I received an email last week from a fan who brought up a great point. He asked me if the club had any songs or chants and if there was a way that we could help teach them to all of our fans.

This got me thinking. At one point the club had the Earthquakes Anthem by E-40 (WATCH: We Run This), but I believe it’s time to come up with a new chant that tells the story of the Quakes. I know this is a tall order but, based on the passion that I have seen from all of our fans, I think that we can do this.

It doesn’t have to be one song. In fact, I think that it would be better if there were three or four that all tell a little bit of the history that has brought the Quakes to where they are today.

Before my beloved Ultras feel slighted, I want to say that I absolutely love some of the songs that you guys have, but they aren’t all exactly “family friendly.” That being said, I still love hearing them at every game. I don’t want to change or overlook what the Ultras and Casbah do every match. I’m just throwing the idea out there for our fans to get their creative juices flowing and come up with a few chants that could catch on stadium-wide (or, if you are in one of our supporters groups and you have a chant that your group uses/would work with the families in attendance, feel free to toss that idea into the discussion as well).

Having played a number of games in Europe and South America, there is really no way to describe what if feels like when you are on the field and you look up in the stands and the entire stadium is chanting the same song. It’s surreal.

Another thing that I love about chanting at soccer matches is that as a fan in the stands you really feel like a part of something special when you are singing along with thousands of other people who share your passion.

So, Quakes fans, I leave this up to all of you. Let’s come up with something special.

Email me at and contact me on twitter at @Kelg22. I want to hear what you guys think.

Go Quakes!


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