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Social Footballer: Movie time with Kelly Gray

I was a chatting with the LG crew – Wondo, Leitch and Buschy – and put this question to the group: What are your top-five soccer movies of all time? We debated for hours and ultimately only agreed on one point: Keira Knightley looked phenomenal in Bend it Like Beckham.

Nonetheless, here’s my list. Feel free to agree or vehemently disagree, but either way, leave a comment.

5. Shaolin Soccer – I had low expectations going into this one, but was pleasantly surprised.

4. Once in a Lifetime – A great flick about the history of the New York Cosmos.  It was all before my time, but makes for an interesting watch. 

3. Bend it like Beckham – Honestly, I put this one in the mix primarily because Keira Knightly does a phenomenal job of keeping me engaged.

2. Goal: The Dream Begins – This is arguably the most real attempt at making a true soccer movie. Just make sure to avoid Part II.

1. Victory – Anything with Sly Stallone and Pelé has to be No. 1 on the list.

Of course, I think a documentary about Chris Wondolowski’s 2010 Budweiser Golden Boot campaign could top the list if ever there were such a film. I would also jump at the opportunity to watch any Hollywood blockbuster featuring Jon Busch. I can see Jon getting into the role of Rocky or Rambo … or maybe a comedy about Jon Buschland.

What’s on your must-watch list? Do you think my list is on target or did I miss the frame?

As always, here's the top Tweets of the week from San Jose's players:

1. @bobbyburling (Bobby Burling) - Juuuuuust a bit outside for @ChrisWondo and the first pitch. He brought the HEAT though!!! Maybe it was a pitch out? (For those who didn't know, Wondo threw out the first pitch at an Oakland A's game this week. Unfortunately, he missed the target with the pitch. More on that next week. Side note: Rumor has it Bobby showed up to this one wearing one of these. Just putting that out there.)

2. @BradRing87 (Brad Ring) - Love the weekends! Won on Saturday, Rooster T. Feathers afterwards, Bay To Breakers & Bulls victory. Had a great time. Great time. (Here's what I want to know: If Brad participated in Bay to Breakers, what was his costume?)

3. @AnthonyAmpai (Anthony Ampai) - I guess Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion dollars!! They could have just downloaded it for free haha losers! (Look at young Ampai paying attention to financial news. Got any hot stock tips?)

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