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Social Footballer: Ranking the best free kicks of all time

Since all of us who were at the Quakes game against the Revs were privileged enough to see some magic from the left foot of Bobby Convey, I thought I would compile my list of the top free kicks of all time. Bobby didn't make the cut, but let's not deny him due praise. If you haven't taken a look at Saturday's specatular moment, let's lead this thing off with Convey's kick:

5. Ronaldinho – FC Barcelona. This is on the list for the intelligence factor. We all talk about putting the ball under the wall, but Ronaldinho actually accomplishes it in this crafty free kick. Very, very sneaky.

4. Dwayne De Rosario – San Jose Earthquakes. I was lucky enough to be on the field for this one so I got a front row seat for how amazing it truly was. Bonus points for this goal coming against the LA Galaxy.

3. David Beckham – England. This was the goal that put England through to the World Cup. Talk about clutch. Beckham, despite his Galaxy ties, definitely performed under the pressure of a nation in this one and sealed his status as a legendary reputation as a free-kick specialist.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United. This is on the list for the sheer power behind it. The keeper doesn’t even have a chance to move.

1. Roberto Carlos – Brazil. This one probably isn’t too much of a surprise. How can anyone argue about this being the most impressive free kick of all time?

Did I miss any free kicks that you think should be on the list? Did Convey's deserve to make the cut? Leave a comment with a link - let the discussion continue!

San Jose Earthquakes Tweet of the Week:

@J_Hernandez_21 (Jason Hernandez): Giants game tonight. Gonna be on my toes in the stands in case @ChrisWondo appears on the mound to throw a pitch. Ball can end up anywhere! (In case you missed Wondo's first pitch, take a look at the instant replay on Chronicle Live: Juuust a bit outside doesn't quite do it justice.)

Honorable mention:

@AnthonyAmpai (Anthony Ampaipitakwong): Finally dropped down in Chicago after the police had to take action ... Tourists


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