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Bay Area Self Storage Q&A: Chris Wondolowski

This year, the San Jose Earthquakes have partnered with Bay Area Self Storage to ask players one question: What item don't they have room for, but can't live without?

SJEarthquakes.com sat down with forward Chris Wondolowski to talk about his item of choice: His camping equipment.

SJEarthquakes.com: What’s your favorite place to camp?
Chris Wondolowski: I’d have to say Yosemite.

SJEQ: How often do you go camping?
CW: Not often enough, probably around twice a year.

SJEQ: Favorite camping activity?
CW: It’s hard to choose just one, so I’ll say fishing and, of course, making S’mores.

SJEQ: Are you a good swimmer? Or are you more of a hiker while camping?
CW: I definitely prefer hiking.

SJEQ: Which teammates would you invite camping with you, and why?
CW: I’d take Sam Cronin and Steven Lenhart. They would be able to help me survive and keep it interesting if we got stuck out there.

SJEQ: Have you ever had a camping mishap or disaster?
CW: I’ve never had anything too bad. Once, I almost started a fire, but it ended up being fine in the end.

SJEQ: Do you bring your cell phone or other electronics?
CW: No chance. You can’t camp with those, and it’s nice to have some time to disconnect.

SJEQ: Top-five camping essentials and why?
CW: First, you definitely need a sleeping bag. Next, I’d say a lighter because I just recently forgot one and found out that I can’t start a fire without it. I would also recommend bringing a fishing pole, comfortable shoes for hiking and a sweatshirt.

SJEQ: Do you have a preferred camping gear brand?
CW: Tough to say, but Any Mountain is always good.  

SJEQ: How good are your survival skills? Are you as good as Bear Grylls? (Man vs. Wild)
CW: No chance, but I would love to try it one time. My wife won’t let me do it; she wouldn’t have that for one second. I am nowhere near his ability, but I love watching his show. If he ever needs a sidekick like that one episode with Will Ferrell, I might be game.

SJEQ: Do you have any advice on making the perfect s’more?
CW: Don’t roast the marshmallows too much, and if you want it gooey, don’t catch it on fire for too long. Just a quick little fire and blow it out; I like them nice and chewy, not the burned taste.

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