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Bay Area Self Storage Q&A: Steven Beitashour

This year, the San Jose Earthquakes have partnered with Bay Area Self Storage to ask players one question: What item don't they have room for, but can't live without? sat down with defender Steven Beitashour to talk about his item of choice: his road bike. Have you ever raced before?
Steven Beitashour: No, but it has been something I’ve thought about. After my soccer days are over, then maybe.

SJEQ: When did you get your first road bike?
SB: About two years ago.

SJEQ: How did you get interested in road biking?
SB: One of my friends I grew up with, her dad is a retired police officer. He asked me to join him one day and I couldn’t say no. 

SJEQ: How often do you ride?
SB: Mostly in the offseason, just because of time constraints.

SJEQ: Have you ever crashed your road bike?
SB: No, thankfully. I’ve been really lucky, but you always have to pay attention.

SJEQ: Do you have a preferred place or route you like to ride?
SB: I like to go all around Almaden Valley, and sometimes over by Calero Reservoir.

SJEQ: What’s your dream spot to ride?
SB: I think France would be a once in a lifetime experience, especially biking parts of the Tour de France.

SJEQ: Are you a fan of spandex?
SB: [Laughs] Yeah, I guess so. Not the biggest fan, but you get used to it.

SJEQ: Would you prefer soccer uniforms or spandex?
SB: Definitely soccer uniforms. They’re much more roomy.

SJEQ: What’s the furthest distance you’ve ever biked in one outing?
SB: About 45 miles at once.

SJEQ: Is there anyone on the Earthquakes that can beat you in a road bike race?
SB: Maybe Lenny, I know he rides as well. Not sure if he could beat me distance-wise, though. 

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