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Bay Area Self Storage Q&A: Jason Hernandez

This year, the San Jose Earthquakes have partnered with Bay Area Self Storage to ask players one question: What item don't they have room for, but can't live without?

SJEarthquakes.com sat down with defender Jason Hernandez to talk about his item of choice: his VHS collection.

SJEarthquakes.com: How big is your VHS collection?
Jason Hernandez: I’ve never actually counted, but my VHS collection is somewhere between 70 and 100 videos.

SJEQ: How long have you collected VHS classics?
JH: I’ve been collecting since I was about 10 years old.

SJEQ: What’s your favorite movie all-time (on VHS)?
JH: Hands down, my all time favorite movie and VHS tape is Back to the Future, the original. I’ve had to re-purchase it several times because it stopped working. I really like the story. I thought it was really ahead of its time with the graphics and all the special effects and when I saw it as a kid I really enjoyed it. I was hoping one day I’d get to drive the DeLorean.

SJEQ: Do you remember your first VHS purchase?
JH: I don’t remember my first VHS purchase, but I do remember receiving them as gifts when I was younger. I probably got some pretty cool cartoons; I remember getting Thunder Cats and The Never Ending Story.

SJEQ: Did you cry when you first saw Bambi?
JH: I didn’t cry. I think I was a little too young to understand what was happening. Maybe if I saw it now, my answer would be different.

SJEQ: What’s your favorite Disney movie?
JH: I have to say Aladdin.

SJEQ: Most embarrassing VHS movie you have?
JH: I would probably have to reveal that I do own and enjoy watching The Grinch.

SJEQ: Longest movie marathon you’ve sat through? Which movies?
JH: I’ve spent entire days in the past, probably from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. just sitting on the couch watching movies. 

SJEQ: If you’re going out to watch a movie, what grub do you bring?
JH: I’m bringing peanut M&M’s and either red Vitamin Water or Sprite.

SJEQ: What’s your favorite sports movie on VHS?
JH: My favorite sports movie is, hands down, Sandlot.

SJEQ: Mighty Ducks or Cool Runnings?
JH: Mighty Ducks, because I saw it when I was younger and could relate to its sports theme.

SJEQ: Did you ever try to replicate the Knuckle Puck?
JH: I did. It doesn’t work!

SJEQ: Michael Jordan: Better on the baseball field or in Space Jam?
JH: You know, I’ve played baseball when I was younger, so it was really interesting to watch him play baseball, but I think everybody would agree that Space Jam was a better fit for Jordan.

SJEQ: Who would be cast as Jason Hernandez in a movie?
JH: Probably Leonardo DiCaprio. Actually, there is an actor named Jay Hernandez who is Hispanic and we are about the same height, so those two would have to battle it out.

SJEQ: Do you own a DVD player?
JH: I do own a DVD player. It’s on the fritz right now and I’m not happy about it.

SJEQ: Scarface or Godfather?
JH: Scarface. The idea of a movie made like that in Miami with all the stuff they had involved; it was awesome.

SJEQ: Who is your favorite movie character ever and why?
JH: Definitely have to go with Martin McCloud from Back to the Future. He’s super cool and made me take up skateboarding, and I even bought a bubble vest.

SJEQ: How about favorite actor/actress?
JH: Either Denzel Washington or Leonardo DiCaprio, because they are always in really good movies and they come across the screen and it’s pretty powerful.  My favorite actress is Emma Stone because she’s been in some pretty funny movies and is pretty popular lately.

SJEQ: Do you have a favorite director? Who and why?
JH: Chris Nolan. He did Inception and all the Batman’s. He made some movies that came across the screen and didn’t look like anything else, and I like his originality.

SJEQ: The best soundtrack in a movie is?
JH: Best soundtrack has got to be Rush Hour. I was around 14 and remember playing the CD a lot when I was younger.

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