Bay Area Sporting Renaissance

Success has been nothing new for Bay Area sports fans of late. The Giants have won two World Series championships in the past three years, the A’s Bob Melvin and Billy Beane won AL Manager and GM of the Year, the 49ers are dividing and conquering opponents while paying homage to the late Bill Walsh, and your Earthquakes have won their second Supporters’ Shield all in 2012.

Like the iconic Rafael’s, Da Vinci’s and Titian’s of the 14th and 15th Century, Bay Area fans are fortunate to follow the Willis’, Posey’s, and Wondolowski’s of the 21st century sporting renaissance. While fans are out in record numbers to show their support, their teams are seeking to reciprocate the appreciation. New stadium plans are in the works for the 49ers, Warriors, and the Quakes with Santa Clara, San Francisco, and San Jose being targeted locations respectively.

The 49ers and Quakes both plan to inaugurate the 2014 year with new stadiums while the Warriors project a 2017 opening on San Francisco’s Embarcadero.

Andy Dolich of the San Jose Mercury-News writes of these nascent to developed stadium projects. With continued winning ways and new stadiums on the horizon, Bay Area sports fans can only bask in the Mediterranean-reminiscent climate.

View Andy Dolich’s article here.


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