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Quote Sheet: Mark Watson, Quakes check in before Quakes vs. Galaxy

Quakes players and interim head coach Mark Watson took time after training on Tuesday to answer questions ahead of the Quakes vs. Galaxy at Stanford Stadium on Saturday. 


On Earthquakes rookie forward Adam Jahn: 

“He has had a great impact. We saw Adam play for a number of years at Stanford and I’ve always liked him in terms of what he brought to the game, but also his character and work ethic. We’re very fortunate to draft him and he was coming into a team with a lot of good players up front, but due to injuries there has been some opportunities for Adam to play and he has done very well with those chances. He has scored some big goals and his general play has been good and we’ve been really happy with him.”

On preparing Adam Jahn for his return to Stanford: 

“We probably just have him and any other player, just focus on the process. We will prepare for LA and take a look at them, but we will focus on the things we need to do to get the result. You don’t really talk about the external factors surrounding the game, but rather on the things you can control.”

On lift from the Stanford Stadium crowd: 

“It gives us a huge lift; it’s a big game anyways, just playing the Galaxy it’s a big rivalry of ours. But to have those fans support us, it gives just that little extra bit. We a get a big lift from our fans at Buck Shaw, we have great fans who are loud and always supportive and really do help us. It will just be an extra thirty or forty thousand.”

On home debut as head coach: 

“It’s great, it’s a big occasion. To be honest, I don’t really focus on that. I am focused on the game and the fact that we need three points. It’s great it’s a big showcase game and it’s a chance for a lot of Bay Area fans to come out and get a chance to see the team and see the game played at the highest level in this country. From our perspective it’s another game and we are preparing the best way we can to get three points.”

On Galaxy - Quakes rivalry: 

“I think it’s the history. Any time you have a big rivalry there is a geographical proximity. But I think this one has a lot of history behind it, the games have been hotly contested over the years and it goes back to the first year of the league. Since then there has been a lot that has fueled the fire. It’s a big game for both teams and it’s big for our supporters as well as the sport.”


On the California Clasico: 

“Yeah it’s a big game for us. It’s a big game for the club, not just the players on the field; I think it’s a big promotional game. We as a team want to beat LA all the time, and we especially want to start making a push for the playoffs. To do that we need to start picking up wins and this weekend could be a big step in that direction.”

On getting off on the right foot: 

“It’s big. We’ve had a long road stint and got a win in Colorado and should’ve come away with one in D.C., but now that we’re home we really need to come away with three points.”


On becoming an important part of the team: 

“I got an opportunity and tried to do my best. That’s all you can really control and things happened to bounce my way. With hard work and dedication, things will go your way eventually. I was happy to come in and help the team out in any way I could.”

On the atmosphere at Stanford Stadium and impact of loud crowd noise:  

“It’s going to be loud. I expect it to be similar to playing in Seattle because they’re both football stadiums. I heard it’s going to be packed so that’ll be great. I’m sure [the noise] will add a variation to the game. You won’t be able to communicate with your teammates as well. You will have to trust that you know what your teammates will do.”


On lack of clean sheets this season: 

“I mean I think we all go into the weekend with the plan and the hope of getting a clean sheet. Unfortunately they aren’t coming our way … Every team for the most part is going to get some looks at goal. Unfortunately we have been getting punished for every mistake and half mistake thus far. It’s important to continue with the defensive work week in and week out. Mark [Watson] has us really concentrating on being difficult to break down and hopefully that will carry over into the weekend." 

On what a large crowd can provide to the team: 

“Any time you play in front of a very large crowd, the adrenaline gets going a little bit. The blood starts flowing and you really feel like you’re playing on a grand stage … It’s a great feeling and hopefully will lift us through the game.”


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