Quakes at FC Dallas: 082413

Quotes: Quakes at FC Dallas


On game:
“It was a perfect start. Two goals in the first 20 minutes away from home is as good as it gets. Once the second goal went in the plan was to defend and not concede for that next 10 minutes. We know they’re coming right back full of adrenalin and want to get one back. Unfortunately, they did get one, but I thought our guys fought right until the end. I’m just proud of our guys getting a point.”

On defensive effort:
“I thought our team defending was pretty good overall. The mentality we approached the game with was solid for 90 minutes and as a coach I was really happy to see that. If you look at the full game, playing down a man for that amount of time, getting a point on the road is not a bad game. Especially when it’s with a team that is close to you in the table.”


On scoring plays:
“Cordell [Cato] made a good run down the left side. He put a great ball in, it was deflected and I buried it. The second goal was just a really nice play … a good team goal; good passing, good positioning. Rafa [Baca] played a fantastic ball and what a finish by Beita [Steven Beitashour].”

On performance:
“It’s very disappointing for us. We were in position to get three points and I think we did enough to win the game. You can have your opinions about how they ended up tying the game but it’s disappointing to us.”


On his goal:
“Gordo [Alan Gordon] did a good job holding up the ball and playing to Rafa [Baca]. Rafa played a great ball in and I finished it off. I thought [Raul Fernandez] was going to be a little further out so I didn’t want to bring it down and have him knock it away. He was a little bit further back than I thought, so I was fortunate.”

On clean sheet:
“It’s definitely frustrating. We’re up 2-0 on the road. We have to be smart and pack it in a little bit. They’re coming at us and they got back pretty quickly …  a lot quicker than we would’ve liked.”


On return to Dallas:
“It was interesting. Even driving over to the field today, a lot of things have changed since I was last here. I lived across the street for a small period of time and they have a lot going on there now. For me personally it seems like it’s come full circle almost. I came here a young man and come back here a veteran, a guy who’s been in major international tournaments and been an international. It’s a weird feeling, but a good feeling to come back to the place where it all started. I said before this club gave me a chance to realize my dream of playing professional soccer and this is where it started.”



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