Quakes Q&A: Steven Lenhart


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This week, SJEarthquakes.com talked to Steven Lenhart about his recent debut on NBC Sports Network's MLS Insider, his second grade claim-to-fame and his musical prowess. 

Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind what is being said to be the greatest giveaway in Major League Soccer history - the Steven Lenhart Chia Pet Night presented by Cosmopolitan Catering - slated for this Sunday, Sept. 8, when the Quakes take on the Philadelphia Union at Buck Shaw Stadium.  


SJEarthquakes.com: It's game day. What is your pregame ritual? 

Steven Lenhart: Well, I don't really have a ritual... 

SJEQ: But what's for breakfast? 

SL: I mix it up - either an acai bowl, pancakes or a breakfast burrito. 

SJEQ: Do you go anywhere before? Or do you make it yourself?

SL: No restaurants. I usually make it at home. But I do go to the beach afterward. 

SJEQ: I take it you saw your and Alan Gordon's segment on MLS Insider. You have some pretty awesome piano skills. Where did you learn how to play like that? 

SL: My older sister taught me some skills. Actually, my whole family plays. 

SJEQ: So, do you have a family band? 

SL: [Laughs] No, but we should start one. We're all over the place, though, so it would be hard. 

SJEQ: What would be your theme song? 

SL: Bill Wither's Lean on Me 

SJEQ: Can you play any other instruments? 

SL: I dabble on guitar, but that's about it. 

SJEQ: Are you the designated locker room DJ? 

SL: [Laughs] No way. That's Dan Gargan's job. He's pretty solid. 

SJEQ: You were born in Jacksonville, Fla. Is the saying true - the West Coast is the best coast? 

SL: For sure. 

SJEQ: But what's scarier - an alligator or a shark? 

SL: Shark. Every day of the week. 

SJEQ: Have you ever encountered a shark before? 

SL: [Laughs] No, but if I do... I'm going to take it down. 

SJEQ: Like a Len-nado, Sharknado type of thing? 

SL: [Laughs] Yes. Absolutely. 

SJEQ: Tell us - have you ever won anything non-soccer related? 

SL: I won a cookie eating contest in the second grade. 

SJEQ: How many cookies? 

SL: It was all about who could eat one really, really big cookie the fastest. I remember I got my face in the newspaper the next day. I was stoked. 

SJEQ: Do you remember how long it took you? 

SL: No - it was the Orange County Fair. [Laughs] But - what I do remember - the guy sitting next to me was throwing up the whole time, but I held it down. 

SJEQ: When you were younger, did you aspire to be a professional eater or a professional soccer player? 

SL: Neither. I didn't really think about the future. I just wanted to play. 

SJEQ: Lastly, if you're not on the soccer field are you A.) at the beach B.) on your bamboo bike or C.) hanging out in your cocoon hammock?

SL: I'm at the beach. For sure. 


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