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Quotes: Quakes at Chivas USA


On the result:
“It was a big win for us. We had the mindset going into the game that we needed to win. We had to be smart about it and once we went down a player, we had to be a little bit more calculated in terms of not letting them score a goal and still giving ourselves the chance to win the game.”

Thoughts on the match:
“I thought we were the dominant team for most of the night, but [give] credit to them. They were very organized and got players behind the ball. They knew there were going to be balls coming into the box and I think they defended well.”


On his goal:
“It was a good break. Alan [Gordon] had a great shot, to hit a dipper like that and have it bounce in front of Dan [Kennedy] makes it hard to hold and I was able to pick up the scraps.”

On the defensive effort:
“We are always going to fight until the end no matter the circumstances and it just shows the character that we have in the locker room. I’m proud of these guys.”

On the team’s must-win position:
“The team is just getting the job done one game at a time. We still have a lot of work to do. We put ourselves in this position, but I can definitely tell you that we all have faith and believe that we are going to do this and we are going to work every minute to do it.”


On the defensive effort:
“Defensively we were solid. We didn’t give them too many opportunities to score. [Goalkeeper Jon] Busch played well. We were really organized and happy with another clean sheet.”

Passion of the team:
“It’s really do-or-die. We know that we have to come out with three points even when we were a man down. We just knew that we had to win. We believed and in the end we got a fortunate goal by Wondo [Chris Wondolowski].”

On team’s recent success:
“We believe – that’s the main thing. We knew we were a good team from the beginning of the season. Obviously, we were fighting a lot of injuries in the beginning, a lot of suspensions, and international duty. But now we have everybody back and we still believe we are a good team.”

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