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Bay Area Self Storage Q&A: Sam Cronin

This year, the San Jose Earthquakes have partnered with Bay Area Self Storage to ask players one question: What item don't they have room for, but can't live without? sat down with midfielder Sam Cronin to talk about his item of choice: his sea kayak. Where is your favorite place to sea kayak?
Sam Cronin: Definitely the Sausalito, Tiburon area.

SJEQ: Where is one place you would love to sea kayak but you haven’t been before?
SC: I would love to sea kayak in Cabo San Lucas.

SJEQ: Is sea kayaking harder than it looks?
SC: Yes – way harder than it looks. [Laughs] Looks like it’s easy - you’re just hanging out on the water. But after a good 20 minutes, your arms are burning.

SJEQ: Are you a single or double sea kayak kind of guy?
SC: I would prefer a double. I prefer the companionship. Love to just lounge around and have a good afternoon on the water.

SJEQ: Who would be the best person on the Quakes to share a sea kayak with? 
SC: I would chose Alan Gordon. He would be a good sea kayaker, and he would definitely provide some comedy throughout.

SJEQ: Who would be the worst?
SC: [Laughs] Definitely Chris Wondolowski. I don’t think his upper body strength would be too great.

SJEQ: What is the coolest animal or fish you’ve encountered while on the water?
SC: It’s really common around the Bay Area to see seals and see lions. They are always cool each time I do.

SJEQ: Anything you’re terrified of seeing?
SC: Sharks. [Laughs] I don’t want to see any sharks or snakes.

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