Kaval's Kickoff: Avaya Stadium Parking & Transportation Announced

We are less than one month until the official opening of Avaya Stadium on March 22 against the Chicago Fire. This week we have our first exhibition match at the stadium against the LA Galaxy on Saturday February 28 at 2 p.m.  We are excited to open the building and for fans to have a world-class experience. One key aspect of the fan experience is the traffic and parking plan. We have released the parking, traffic, and transit options this week.
I wanted to stress a couple of key points. First, in regards to parking for the match on Feb. 28, fans will be able to purchase parking passes at the lots on game day. For regular season matches, season tickets holders can purchase prepaid passes through their fan relation’s specialists. In addition, there will be a discount for purchasing a season parking package. 

Second, please read the maps and orient yourself to the stadium, the main ways in and out, and the general rules and regulations. For instance, you can tailgate in any lot except the VIP lot behind the stadium.
Third, get there early. This will cut down the rush close to kickoff. Plus, we have a great fan zone set up in the 7UP Epicenter.

Finally, we will be sending out a fan survey following the match to get your feedback immediately. That survey will be helpful so we can make any adjustments from this first match as we prepare for opening day in March.

Once again, we are thrilled to host everyone this weekend at the first soft opener for Avaya Stadium. We look forward to a great event.


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