Q&A: Catching up with new signing Andres Imperiale Quite the welcome at the airport!
Andres Imperiale: It was amazing. I spoke with the guys on Twitter. They wanted to say hello and welcome. When I arrived and saw all those people I felt very happy and I need to give them my best so they can feel confident about me. I sent them a text to say thanks. They made me feel very, very good. it’s not something that has happened elsewhere. Maybe in Saprissa after three months for so, but I have never been made to feel like that straight way.

SJEQ: Why San Jose?
AI: One of my targets has been to play in MLS. This league gets better every year. I had offers from Argentina but this league is coming up each season and for me it’s very good to be here. I really wanted to come here. I want to be happy here and stay at this club for many years.

SJEQ: Have you been to the US before?
AI: It’s my first time in America. I am very excited to know the people, how they are, my teammates and how they play and how they think. My wife loves this country. She’s been many times for holidays and she always says ’work hard  - we need to live there!' I want my kids to have a life here. We are really excited to know the life and the people.

SJEQ: What kind of player are you?
AI: As a central defender I need to be strong, to concentrate, to speak to my teammates and to be organized. That’s what I do.  I think I have a good technique with the ball.

SJEQ: How was training this morning?
AI: Training was very good. My teammates are amazing. They have made me feel very comfortable. I will keep working and I need to improve my English!

SJEQ: Your English is great – where did you learn?
AI: A few years ago I was in Cyprus and there are a lot of British people there. When I started to speak it well I went back to Chile. I have forgotten a lot of things but over time it will be good again.

SJEQ: You have played in Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Argentina and now the US – your passport must have a lot of stamps…
AI: It’s the soccer life! Argentinian players tend to play around the world. It’s what we do. We love the sport, this life and I am very happy with my career. But I want to stay here for as long as I can!

SJEQ: What did you know about San Jose before you arrived?
AI: I Googled it. I tried to learn a lot. San Jose and California has lots of tourists so I asked people I knew who had been here. Everything is very nice. It was a good decision to sign here. First of all I want to be in the team, know my teammates and their psychology because that is important. We will have time to do the other things.  Above everything else, I am going to do my best to repay the confidence the fans have already shown in me.


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