Tommy Thompson - Laugh - San Jose Earthquakes 2016

Quakes on a Plane: Tommy Thompson Q&A

NameTommy Thompson
Roomie: Fatai Alashe.
Best thing about roomie: His dance moves.

Worst: That’s a good question actually. He takes a long time in the shower.
Join the line or wait until final call: Wait until the last call.
Window or Aisle: Window because I always fall asleep.
Movie, iPod or book: Can I say sleep?
Airplane drink: Apple juice.
Peanuts, pretzels or cookies: Pretzels.
Best person to sit next to: Anyone that lets me sleep.
Worst: Probably Marvell Wynne because he takes up the whole row.

Best road trip: I like going to New York.
Worst: I’d say Real Salt Lake.
Favorite thing about Chicago: That I was born there. I was only there for a year though.
Deep dish or thin crust: Thin crust. That’s my California influence.
Favorite toppings on pizza: Chicken and anything spicy.

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