Matias Perez Garcia - tackle - at Chicago Fire

Quote Sheet: Reaction from a tough night in Chicago


On lack of shots on goal: 
“We didn’t play good, simple as that. We just kept giving the ball away; it wasn’t like we were under a tremendous amount of pressure. We just didn’t play good.”
On the status of Fatai Alashe and what it means planning wise:
“I think you are always worried when guys clash heads, your team, opposing team, any guys on the ground and not moving. Obviously you are happy that both players got up, obviously Fatai had to come out but [David] Accam continued. You never want to see guys get injured especially with the amount of knowledge we have with heads and clashes, you just hope both players are okay.”
On being winless on the road:
“Our next game is at home so I am not too bothered by that right now. Obviously if we play like that home or away we are going to have a hard time getting a positive result. I think the overall performances of the team is more important than the stadium we play in. Saying that, I know we are good enough to win a game on the road, we need to stop giving up the first goal and coming from behind. Sometimes we need a little bit of magic and things to go our way and we’re not getting those right now.”


On how the new defensive line played:
“Today we didn’t play as well as we expected ourselves to play.  We maintained a lot of possession but unfortunately it was fairly slow moving around the back and all that.  Didn’t really create enough for the midfielders and the forwards to work off of. But overall I think we defended well.”
On wanting more pace in the second half: 
“Of course.  After they went up, then comes the time where we need to press forward and start throwing bodies up that way. I believe usually in the first 10 or 15 minutes of every game you try to assess the other team and see how they’re going to play and all that. Both of us seem to be just rather satisfied with maintaining possession and not really penetrating. Unfortunately possession doesn’t win games.”
On looking forward to the next two home games:
“I want to play them now.  I don’t like the week after a tough game like this one.  I want to be able to redeem myself and get back on the right track.”

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