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Q&A: Quakes Academy players reflect on time with team ahead of National Signing Day at Avaya Stadium presented by Valley Health Plan

National Signing Day is here and the Quakes Academy is certainly going to be represented well in 2017's incoming freshman class. We sat down with U-18 players Amado Lozano, Arda Bulut and Alonzo Del Mundo to talk about their time with the club and how it has prepared them for the college game. 
Amado, Arda and Alonzo will sign their National Letter of Intent at a special Quakes Signing Day ceremony held at Avaya Stadium in partnership with Valley Health Plan Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 4pm. Quakes Academy Players aren't the only ones signing at Avaya Stadium, however. Any local soccer college commit - men or women - were invited to the unique event. The full list of signees can be found below. Congratulations to all of our participants!


Amado Lozano

  • University of Pennysylania
  • Midfielder Tell us a bit about your soccer background & Academy experience.
Amado Lozano: “I play as an attacking center mid. I have been in the academy since I was 13, starting in a Regional Development School, so before the full academy system was built out. I basically grew up in this academy system and got to where I am now at age 17. I love this club. Everyone is like family. I try to go to a lot of Quakes games with my Teammates.”
SJEQ: Why did you pick the school you did?
AL: “University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League school and I wanted a balance because I hold education very high too. It was a perfect fit. They play a Quakes–style game and I think it’s going to be a great fit.”
SJEQ: Who was an instrumental person in the Quakes organization in your development?
AL: Chris Leitch. He was my U-14 Academy coach. That’s when I really started processing the game from a professional standpoint.”

Arda Bulut

  • Stanford University
  • Forward Tell us about your decision to commit to Stanford for your college soccer.
Arda Bulut: “I commited pretty early – at the beginning of my sophomore year. They were the first school that I was really talking to. I just liked how they held themselves. Their morals, their principles and the way they play. Not necessarily about doing this or that, but about working hard all the time. I try to model that in the way I play and the way I practice. I knew that they would create a great platform to make it to the next level.”
SJEQ: How long have you been in the Quakes Academy?
AB: “This is my second year in the Quakes Academy. I’ve really liked it because it’s created a platform for everything. I’ve been to a couple national team camps. They’ve helped me a lot with developing as a player and I really appreciate that because they’ve taken my game to the next level as an organization.”
SJEQ: What has been a memorable experience you’ve been able to have because of your time with the Quakes?
AB: “Over the end of last summer I trained with the first team for about two weeks. It was a great experience seeing how I matched up and what I needed to work on to get to that level and I really appreciate the organization putting that together. It’s really important for us.”
SJEQ: What’s it going to be like to spend National Signing Day at Avaya Stadium?
AB: “It’s really exciting that we’re hosting something like that at Avaya Stadium. It’s going to be really fun because all of us will be around each other for kind of one big sendoff. It’s great that it’s being held at such a professional setting too. Most of us , including myself want to be here after our college program so it’s very exciting.”

Alonzo Del Mundo

  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Defender You chose to stay local and attend school near your home in Richmond. What else influenced your decision to commit to Cal?
Alonzo Del Mundo: “Cal was always my first choice. I have always wanted to go to Cal. My mom actually went there and she’s been a huge influence on me. I love the way they play with heavy possession and their academics are extremely high, so that good balance – including how close it is to home made it a great fit.”
SJEQ: What’s your experience in the Quakes Academy?
AD: “I first started in a Regional Development School when I was 15. I then moved into the academy. I just love the way they treat us like pros, with the traveling and training sessions. It’s the highest intensity. I think it’s prepared me well for college. Before, I wouldn’t play the game like this or see it the way I see it.”
SJEQ: You got to scrimmage the Quakes First Team on Saturday, how important of an experience was that?
AD: “It was a great experience to see what we could work on and how I can make myself better physically, mentally and in my speed of play.”
SJEQ: Are you excited to be spending National Signing Day at Avaya Stadium?
AD: “I’m really excited, I’ve been looking forward to it just being with all my friends. We’re all family so being able to be with everyone and celebrate our accomplishments is a pretty nice thing.”

2017 Quakes Signing Day Participants

Name University
Dominic Peters* Wake Forest University
Kaleo Fernandez* University of California, Berkeley
Arda Bulut* Stanford Univesity
Andrew Paoli* University of California, Los Angeles
Christopher Grey* University of California, Berkeley
Danielle Noriega Shaw University
Kaya Fabbretti* University of California, Santa Barbara
Tuhina Dasgupta George Washington University
Maleni Morales Sonoma State University
Amado Lozano* University of Pennsylvania
Jonah Lytle* Princeton University
Gyasi Pigott* University of California, Riverside
Daniel Sanchez* San Jose State University
*Quakes Academy alum

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