Beth Claywell - Fan of the Match 052717

FAN OF THE MATCH: Beth and Jim Claywell | May 27, presented by Avaya What first got you into the Quakes?
Beth Claywell: Jim was an AYSO Referee for almost 11 years.  He got us tickets to San Jose State University when Landon Donavan was on the team and then after the games (I think 5 games) we had after-game chats with the Referees who did the games.  Jim fell in love the game of soccer and watches it all the time and records many of the European Games to watch at a later date.  
About 6 years ago when Jeff Sinclair was our Fan Relations Specialist (before he got promoted) I purchased our first 5 pack of season tickets as a Father's Day gift for Jim and the Stanford California Clasico was the first event we attended as "Season Ticket Holders".   At the end of that year we purchased a full season's worth of tickets and we have been season ticket holders ever since.  We love our seats - we are in row 16 of Section 106 in seats 5 and 6 and are right on the center line.  We are also out of the sun and RAIN - usually stops in the row in front of us.  We are Blessed!  
SJEQ: What are some of your best memories as a Season Ticket Holder?
BC: The year that the Quakes were losing badly to the LA Galaxy at Stanford going into stoppage time and we pulled 2 goals out during that stoppage to win the game. That was definitely one of the most exciting games I've ever attended. Jim says one of his favorite highlights was seeing Fatai score the first goal at Avaya Stadium in the opening game.
SJEQ: What are your favorite perks of being a Quakes Season Ticket Holder?
BC: We have appreciated the backpack, comfortable seats, right on the center line, knowing some of the ushers and having, especially one, recognize us and we enjoy talking with him. 
SJEQ: You’ve experienced Buck Shaw Stadium and now Avaya Stadium, a home of our own. What’s been the best part about moving to Avaya?
BC: The Stadium is beautiful, the seats are great, the stadium is clean and the one time our particular area was not clean, the ushers immediately contacted the facilities people and someone was there within minutes to clean it up so that we could get to and enjoy our seats.   
A HUGE thank you for finally getting the walkway from Silver Lot paved.  It was always so dangerous, especially at night with the rocks (and ribar that was poking up from the ground).
I also tell anyone who ever asks about the stadium that it is beautiful you can see the pitch from anywhere.

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