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FAN OF THE MATCH: Leier Family | Presented by Avaya

Each home game, the Earthquakes select a Season Ticket Holder to be this week's Fan of the Match, presented by Avaya. The lucky fan is presented with the amazing opportunity to experience warmups from field level, sit on the team bench, get a bag of free Earthquakes merchandise, and last but not least, meet a player for a photograph right after warmups! The California Clasico at Stanford Stadium's Fans of the Match were The Leier Family. You’ve been coming to Earthquakes games since Spartan Stadium! What are some of your bet memories from those days?

Brian Leier: We just enjoyed hanging out in the end zone bleachers with our soccer teammates and family members. Watching Joe Cannon  make save after save, Wynalda's timely goals, Jeff Baicher's (who I got to play against in my hay day) one-timers, and who could forget Wade Barrett AKA "Teen Wolf".
SJEQ: Welcome to the Earthquakes Season Ticket Holder family! How are you liking your first year so far with your own set of seats?

BL: After a slightly rocky start we couldn't be happier. We were long time season ticket holders with the Sharks, so we didn't quite know what to expect. You guys have gone above and beyond!


SJEQ: What is it about Avaya Stadium that makes it so special?

BL: I truly believe (and actively promote) that Avaya is the best stadium experience in The Bay. It is simple and you are always on top of the action no matter where you are in the stadium. The open feel is awesome !!!
SJEQ: You’ve been attending Devotion Days - What’s been your favorite event?

BL: Being Fan of the Match by far was the best and the autograph sessions are right up there.
SJEQ: We hear that your son and wife enjoy coming to games with you too. Does each of you have a favorite player?

BL: My wife's favorites by far are Cato and Salinas.  My son loves Godoy and Hyka (my son got to play FIFA on PS4 with Godoy as his teammate), I have always loved Big Victor Bernardez and Florian Jungwirth.
SJEQ: What makes being an Earthquakes fan unique compared to any other sports team in the Bay Area?

BL: Well, we have been through a lot. We have gained and lost a team several times now in our history. We stay true and keep coming back to this lovely game and support our boys through thick or thin. I believe 95% of all of our fans have played soccer at one time or another (who didn't like orange slices at half time?). So we feel we know what goes on out there on the pitch. I believe this also keeps the organization honest and they know that we know the ins and out of the game. You can't say that about any of the other major sports.


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