GOAL BREAKDOWN: Marco Ureña's opening strike in Saturday's win

So many things take place on a single play that it can be hard to keep track of. Let’s take a closer look at the many factors that led to San Jose’s first goal on Saturday night.

The track back… Marco Ureña makes a full sprint to earn possession back for San Jose. Many forwards wouldn’t make this run as the team seemingly already had numbers behind the ball.

The run… Tommy Thompson plays a simple pass out to Shea Salinas, who immediately takes the space available to him down the wing. Meanwhile, Ureña makes his way back up the field to get into an attacking position.

The pass… Salinas hit a perfectly weighted pass with the outside of his foot to send Ureña in on goal. Any harder and it’s a turnover or goal kick. Any softer and the Costa Rican is forced to turn back away from the net.

The finish… Ureña fakes out the defender and sneaks his shot just inside the far post with a single touch.

The celebration… El Tiburon Tico comes out with the finger guns before falling back to the more relaxed thumbs up.



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