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QUAKES IN COLLEGE: Catching up with Quakes Academy alum Kaya Fabbretti

Every year, the San Jose Earthquakes Academy sends numerous players to top universities around the country. Some will go on to play professionally, while others are being put in a position to exceed in other fields.

With the Quakes Academy hitting on all cylinders and Homegrown signings surely coming through in the near future, sjearthquakes.com chats with former members of San Jose’s youth system that are now competing at the collegiate level.

Full name: Kaya Fabbretti
College: UCSB
Year: Freshman
Major: Economics

Q: How are you enjoying college so far and what led you to choose the school you’re attending?

A: I am really enjoying college here at UCSB. The level of soccer is great and it will push me to improve my game. I chose this school due to its high level of education and the pedigree of the soccer program.

Q: How did playing for the Earthquakes Academy prepare you for the next level?

A: Playing for the San Jose Earthquakes really helped me improve my technical and mental skills on the field. I feel comfortable playing in multiple positions due to the coaches helping me better understand and see the game.

Q: Do you still keep in touch with your former coaches and teammates? Do you share experiences and advice with each other?

A: Yes, I have still been in contact with both my former coaches and teammates. My teammates and I are constantly checking in on each other and wishing one another the best for the next games and trainings.

Q: What are your on-field goals for this season and your four years in college?

A: This year I am going to fight to improve on the things I know I need to work on and work to get good minutes on the field, whether that is starting or coming off the bench.

Q: What lessons did you learn from the Academy that you still carry with you today?

A: I learned that soccer is a way of life and you have to take care of yourself both on and off the field. Making sure that I come to training with the right mentality and noticing that there will always be competition for spots. All of the time I spent in Academy has really helped prepare me for the hard work that comes with UCSB soccer.


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