Bench Suites - 2017 Renderings

FEATURE: New Bench Suites offer unique experience at Avaya Stadium

You may have seen the news earlier today about infrastructure changes coming to Avaya Stadium. The new Sky Lounge and Bench Suites represent a multi-million-dollar investment designed to further enhance the fan experience at the Quakes’ home.

There is a video and multiple graphics detailing the Sky Lounge here. But in case you aren’t clear about what the Bench Suites are or what uniqueness they offer, here are some details:


For the last three years, the clubs immediately adjacent to the player ramp, and behind the team benches, were open-air with outdoor space only. This has been enhanced so that a beautiful redwood wall will now separate the player tunnel and the club, providing a heightened level of privacy and exclusivity that will also shield out the elements.

Additionally, eight seats immediately next to the team bench (no, that is not an exaggeration) will now be available to club patrons so they can get closer to the action than every before. In fact, the Bench Suite seats are the exact same ones the players and coaching staff use. Imagine sitting just a few feet from the head coach as he celebrates a late game-winning goal with his assistants.

The Bench Suites are being made available for single-game purchase, not on a season-pass basis, allowing multiple groups to test out one of the most unique seating options in sports.

Book yours today before they get snapped up!


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