17 IN 17: "Never Say Die" by The Old Firm Casuals

It was a massive year for the growth of the Quakes' relationship with punk rock legend and Campbell native Lars Frederiksen of Rancid and The Old Firm Casuals fame. As chronicled plenty of times before, Frederiksen is a lifelong Quakes fan and Season Pass Holder at Avaya Stadium, where he sits alongside The Faction's Gavin O'Brien & other friends & family.

The band's 2014 song "Never Say Die" was written about his love for the team, its fighting spirit and blue-collar work ethic. It earned the team the nickname "The Punkest Team in MLS." In August, The Old Firm Casuals loaded in their gear under the scarves at Avaya Stadium to film the official music video for the anthem, finally giving "Never Say Die" the visual representation it deserved, and the band delivered with a punch that only elevated the intensity of the Quakes' pre-kickoff song.

On August 23, Frederiksen and Rancid bandmate Branden Steineckert, a Real Salt Lake Season Ticket Holder, were invited to serve as honorary captains for their respective teams in what some have dubbed the Rancid Derby. We don't necessarily have to talk about the result of that game... but nevertheless, to see the teams led onto the field by such accomplished local musicians was a memory that both fan bases can be proud of.

The Old Firm Casuals are: Lars Frederiksen, Casey Watson, Paul Rivas & Gabe Gavriloff.


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