Quincy Amarikwa - Danny Hoesen - 2017 - Player Arrival

FEATURE: Danny Hoesen named one of 7 MLS players ushering in 2018 with style | via VMAN Magazine

Everyone Quakes fan knows Danny Hoesen's got style. The hair, the clothes, the play on the field. But it's not just locally where he's getting recognition for his look. VMAN Magazine recently featured Danny among 6 other MLS players in a season preview article about fashion in MLS. Here's a sample of the Q&A below!


VMAN Magazine: What item of clothing are you most likely to splurge on?

Danny Hoesen: Shoes.


VMAN: What brands are you high on right now?

Hoesen: Balenciagas. I'm not a Gucci guy or those things, but I like shoes. I like Valentinos and Yeezys.


Read the full article here!


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