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Q&A: CaliSCG talks about his solid day 1 at eMLS Cup in Boston

CaliSCG's Day 1 of eMLS Cup presented by PlayStation went as planned, with four wins and four losses, putting him in a comfortable position to advance to Saturday's knockout rounds. The bottom two from the Western Conference are eliminated after Day Two on Friday. Stay tuned for more updates from Boston! Day 1 is in the books. How's the experience been? Was it everything you thought it would be?

CaliSCG: It's actually more than I thought it would be. When you walk into the venue you're just awed and amazed by the lights, the displays, just everything going on. It's really cool. As far as playing the games, I honestly did better than I thought I would do. Yeah, I have four wins and four losses, but some of those wins were against big opponents, we're doing well so far. 


SJEQ: You flew out of the gates beating Seattle 4-1 in each of the two legs, then split most of the remaining matches, how will you look to adjust to do even better on Friday?

CaliSCG: Basically doing what I'm doing now. I don't really like fixing what isn't broken. and I don't really feel like anything is broken right now with my gameplay. just need to be calm and composted, not let the nerves get to me. I played at two other local tournaments, and I feel like that really paid off because I can tell some of the other players are letting nerves get to them and I feel like I have that advantage. 


SJEQ: Looking ahead to Friday, who is going to be the toughest to face in your remaining Western Conference matches?

CaliSCG: I would say probably either Alexander from Sporting Kansas City or Guisseppe from LA Galaxy. Those will probably be my two toughest opponents. 


SJEQ: What are you enjoying the most about this whole experience?

CaliSCG: The atmosphere. I'm playing, and then all of a sudden I hear someone screaming next to me celebrating, I love all of that. Also interacting with all of these players that I've known online, but finally get to meet. 



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