CaliSCG - Final - eMLS Cup

FEATURE: CaliSCG defeated in playoffs of eMLS Cup by PlayStation to undefeated eventual champion Kid M3Mito

CaliSCG’s eMLS Cup presented by PlayStation run came to an end yesterday in the first round of the intense playoffs at PAX Arena in Boston in front of hundreds of in-person viewers on the main stage & thousands of additional online viewers.

After conceding two early goals to the eventual champion Kid M3Mito from Houston Dynamo, who was undefeated in all 23 games of the tournament,Cali simply couldn’t recover, going down to 3-0 at halftime, where the score remained until the final whistle.

“We didn’t get the result that we wanted unfortunately, but we made it this far and I’m really happy with how far we made it and to represent the San Jose Earthquakes.”

Though he did not advance, playing in the knockout round meant that he was able to play on the biggest stage at PAX East; PAX Arena, with live commentators, a huge audience, and massive screens making for a real-life crowd reaction similar to a viewing party for an MLS Quakes game.

“It was a lot of fun. Being on stage was a totally different experience. There was a good turnout, I think 5,000 people watched it on Twitch as well.”

“I’m so glad I got to experience this, a huge thanks to eMLS and everyone that was involved in it.”

Cali knew his competition would be the toughest that he faced yet, and he’s proud of his performance. He even became friends with Houston’s player, spending a lot of time with him before and after their intense playoff match.

“I wish Kid M3Mito the best, he’s awesome. He’s a phenomenal player. I went out to lunch with him behind the scenes and he’s a good guy, so I hope the best for him.”


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