QUAKE NEWS: 13-Year-Old Refrains from Dabbing on Jumbotron | The Garlic

SAN JOSE, Calif. - After following local cameraman Eric Sanchagrin around Avaya Stadium for upwards of three hours, 13-year old Danville resident, Brayden Stephens, decided to be more aggressive in his efforts to get on camera at the Quakes game on Saturday, May 5.

After repeatedly questioning Sanchagrin, Stephens was assured by the 250 pound, ponytailed cameraman that the 40-pound broadcast camera resting on his shoulder was not, in fact, for his “for his vlog,” or “for the Youtubes.”

Although not quite as excited about the prospect of being on the video board instead of Sanchagrin’s non-existent YouTube channel, Stephens was still anxious to see himself on the screen. 

In the 79th minute, his efforts paid off.

“OHHHMYGODDDDD IM ON YOUTUBEEEE!!!!” Stephens screamed in a moment that proved to be too much for the adolescent whose pastimes include golf lessons at the local country club and watching Dude Perfect on the Internet.

Caught between two minds and conflicted with desires to both dab and floss, Stephens found himself frozen like a pimpled, teeth-braced deer in the headlights of in-stadium fame.  When he finally came around, Stephens simply smiled and waved to the crowd at Avaya Stadium.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my career, and I can’t believe it happened,” James Mileta, director of the Quakes video board show, told The Garlic after the match. “This gives us hope that there is a brighter future ahead.”


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