Nick Lima - RSL - 2018

Q&A: Catching up with Nick Lima during his training stint in Germany

How did the opportunity to train with Hertha Berlin come about?
"There was some talk about trying to get an extra training opportunity in the offseason and it was able to be set up with help from Klinsmann."
How long will you be there training with the team?
"I'll be over here for two weeks."
From your first few training sessions, are the drills similar to what you're used to?
"For the most part, they've been different."
Do you train for the same amount of time each day?
"Since I've been here, every day has been different, with some double days."
What have you done in Berlin so far? What are some of your favorite German things?
"I tried multiple different restaurants with Jon [Klinsmann] in the short time we had together. He also continues to text me with the places I have to see and eat at."
How is playing with your former college teammate Jonathan Klinsmann? Before he joined the U.S. MNT, did you get to spend much time?
"We didn't get any time to play together, but got the weekend to catch up. I couldn't be happier with getting that opportunity though!"
Are you out of your comfort zone? 
"There are always nerves when you play, especially across the world, but we had a fun training today and it settled me in very well."
How is this experience helping your development as a player? 
"I want to learn as much as I can while I'm here, from the demand for quality in their performance to coaching points to conversation with the staff."

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