U-17 boys season preview

ACADEMY: U-17 Boys | DA season preview

U-17 Boys led by Head Coach Luciano Fusco


What we’re excited for: Building a team and the Generation adidas Cup

Luciano Fusco: “With seven new players, we are very excited about how this group becomes a team under San Jose’s values. We are excited because we understand the value of becoming a team and that we want to have players that can fit into teams. For the players, it is very important to compete in an international competition like the GA Cup. It’s an age group that is followed by a lot by college coaches because they’re closer to the first team and they’re transitioning from being young players to young adults. That’s why some of the 17s can start practicing with the first team like Cade Cowell.”

Cade Cowell’s humility and opportunities with the U-17s

LF: “The situation with Cade is that we understand he wants to play for us. If he doesn’t play for the first team, if he doesn’t play for [USL affiliate] Reno [1868 FC] or our U-19s, he can play for the U-17s. In the case of the GA Cup, if Cade can play with the U-17s, he may be able to do it. That will depend exclusively on his schedule, with respect to his priorities with the first team and Reno. Having said that, there are also players like Casey Walls, who’s now training with the first team and the U-19s, could also play in the GA Cup with the U-17s. Cade has this special quality. Even though he’s a professional player right now, he keeps the most beautiful value that a kid can have, which is the love for the game. If you tell Cade that he needs to play for the U-17s, he always takes it with a smile, knowing it’s another opportunity to play the game that he loves; that quality he has, we love. He enjoys the game and he enjoys his teammates.”

Fun fact: This team includes several players from our neighboring clubs

LF: “We are trying to spend as much time as possible with other clubs in the community that are doing a very good job. We can bring players that have done well at these clubs and they can improve the quality of what we have right here. We are excited for that process. We give thanks to the community who have helped develop these players and hopefully they can excel in our club.”


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