Tacho - Quakes - Devotion Scarf

DEVOTION SCARF: Anastasio Garcia

You’re officially a Quakes Devotion Scarf recipient! Explain what it means to you to get this honor?
"It's a great honor to be working with the Earthquakes. It's been great work and it's been a lot of fun over the years. It's been good for me to be a part of the club. I've been so happy with all of my co-workers and all my bosses."

Talk to us about your Quakes fandom. How long have you been cheering on the black & blue? What is your most memorable moment?
"I've been involved with the Earthquakes since 2000. I have great times with the coaches and the whole team. During that time, I wasn't working directly with the Quakes, but I was involved with them. Since 2013, I've been working directly with the Quakes on all of the events. I've enjoyed being around the players and building relationships with them, too."

Who is your favorite Quakes player and why?
"Missael Espinoza was one of my favorites with the Clash. He was a great play. And right now, I would say Cristian Espinoza. He's a good player that has made a big impact."

What would be your message to Quakes fans out there?
"For me, I do everything I can to help the team on & off the field. I hope everyone can do the same thing. If we do that, the club will keep getting better and better. That's all we can do."


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