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SJ Earthquakes

QUOTES: Earthquakes Head Coach Matias Almeyda | Week of March 2, 2020



On Saturday’s match against Minnesota United FC:

“We lost against this team on two occasions [last year]. They have an excellent coach; excellent players and they have a challenging system of play. And obviously, with the competition within the league, every match is complicated, especially when you’re facing an opponent you were beaten by twice. We need to think about what we are going to modify in order to change that result. The day we played at their venue, their coach made a lovely gesture. Before the start of the match, he [Adrian Heath] invited my staff to spend time with his [staff] after the match. They beat us and we stayed to spend a moment with them and getting to know and getting support from other coaches is one of the lovely things that comes from soccer. That is how we work towards a healthier and better version of soccer.”


On his expectation for Saturday’s match:

“It will be lovely match. Neither side will give anything away. It will be a match where the players need to be concentrated for 98 minutes.”


On the dynamic Oswaldo Alanis brings to the San Jose Earthquakes:

“I saw the Oswaldo that I know, and I saw a team that started the season in a way different from their start to the previous season. Everyone was playing smoothly, from the midfield and above and hopefully we can maintain and develop in that. I was pleased with the team’s performance, for the moment they played well and obviously there are always details that need to be corrected on a group and personal level.”


On Andy Rios’ goal and how that may boost his morale:

“For them, the end result in their position is scoring goals. Andy has different traits from the other forwards on our team. He has a lot of technique and he can hold the ball. Despite not being tall, he can attack the goal with the pace and energy. It was good for him and the group because it brought us back in the match. The pass came from Cristian [Espinoza] and the team is accustomed to the chances he creates, so while that continues to work, there will be many more.”


On Cristian Espinoza:

“I think he’s had continuity, which is something he didn’t have before and that’s allowed him to demonstrate himself. He is a young player. A player with a lot of talent and a lot in store for him in the future. The most important thing is that he pays attention and to listen to someone means that person wants to learn and improve. He had a good start to the year, and the plan is for him to have a similar or better season than the year before.”


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