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On June 29th, we celebrate 50 years in front of 50,000 fans at Stanford, and shout out the legends as the league’s chippiest, rowdiest rivalry hits a milestone, Earthquakes vs Galaxy, in the 101st California Clasico.

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The league’s best and chippiest rivalry returns for the 101st edition as we take on the LA Galaxy at the site of some of the most legendary Earthquakes moments ever, Stanford Stadium.

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We’re taking advantage this stage to invite 50,000 fans to witness a reuinion and celebration of 50 of the best Quakes players in our history!

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It wouldn’t be a Stanford California Clasico without honoring those who served, and the Bay’s best fireworks show to follow.

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Bring your group out to the biggest summer sporting event in the Bay Area! Check out the group ticket options available for the Stanford match.