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Quakes Non-profit Outings: Embark on an Extraordinary Journey with the Earthquakes!

Welcome to Quakes Non-profit Outings, where the San Jose Earthquakes and your organization come together to create an extraordinary impact. We invite you to discover a world of possibilities as we collaborate to make a difference and ignite a powerful sense of community.

Elevate Your Cause

We believe in the power of partnership. We offer a range of captivating opportunities designed to align with your organization's goals and aspirations. Whether you're seeking thrilling on-field experiences that make your team feel like soccer legends, engaging fundraising initiatives that uplift spirits and raise funds, or captivating in-stadium booths that showcase your mission to thousands of passionate fans, we have it all.

"Non Profit of the Match" Platform

Prepare to take center stage with our prestigious "Non Profit of the Match" platform. Imagine the electric atmosphere as the spotlight shines brightly on your organization. The entire stadium becomes a canvas for your cause, uniting fans in a powerful show of support. This is your moment to amplify your message, engage your community, and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who share a love for the game.

Make a Difference Together

Ready to embark on an extraordinary journey? Our dedicated Groups Team is here to guide you every step of the way. They will partner with you to help you craft solutions that will propel your organization's mission to new heights. Together, we can make a difference that extends far beyond the boundaries of the game.

Connect with Us

Take the first step toward a transformative partnership. Connect with our Groups Team today to explore the endless possibilities offered by Quakes Non-profit Outings!

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Quakes Non-profit Outings - Where collaboration meets inspiration, and where together, we create a legacy that transcends the game.