Renew with paypal updated graphic

Renew your season ticket with PayPal as your payment method by August 2nd and get bonus tickets* to our first ever playoff match at PayPal Park this year courtesy of PayPal!

New to PayPal?  Click here to learn how to sign up for PayPal here.


  1. Log in to Account Manager and click on the Invoice Tab
  1. Select the invoice for 2024 Season Tickets
  1. Click Edit Payment Method
PayPal Screenshot 1

4. Click Edit/Add

PayPal Screenshot 2
  1. Add PayPal
  1. Click the PayPal logo
PayPal Screenshot 3
  1. Enter your email or mobile number associated with your PayPal account.

Alternatively, you can create an account if you are new to PayPal.

PayPal Screesnhot 4
  1. Log in with your password or code
  1. Choose your preferred payment method linked to PayPal
  1. Click Save and Continue
  1. Now that PayPal is shown as the Payment Method you can click save
  1. If you are taking action before July 19th you will be enter to win an Audi if you make an initial payment or Pay in Full
  1. Click View Payment Schedule
  1. Determine your initial payment value for 7/27
  1. Type that value or the total due into “amount”
  1. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  1. Click Pay Now

*Max 2,000 redemptions. Ends 8/2/23. Reward only valid if team hosts a playoff game at PayPal Park. Terms apply.