John Fisher Managing Partner, Board Member

Jared Shawlee Chief Operating Officer

Katie Hall Board Member

Sandy Dean Board Member

Michael Crowley Board Member

Keith Wolff Board Member


Chris Leitch Technical Director

Matias Almeyda Head Coach

Omar Zarif Assistant Coach

Benjamin Galindo Assistant Coach

Carlos Roa Goalkeeper Coach

Guido Bonini Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Fabio Alvarez Kinesiologist

Agustin Zalazar Head of Coaching Communications

Alex Covelo Director of Methodology

Bruno Costa Head of Scouting

Brett Karleen Director of Soccer Operations

Alex Saunders Director, Academy Operations

Charles Bush Housing Manager, Academy

Derek Lawrance Director of Health and Performance

Brendon Taguinod Athletic Trainer, Academy

Sean Mearns Team Administrator

Ricky Dorrego Coordinator, Team Administrator

Andy Dunbar Manager, Equipment

Nicole Faker U-23 Admin and Equipment Manager

Hector Perez Assistant, Equipment Manager

Richard Gayle, MD Team Orthopedic Surgeon

Daniel Ouyang, MD Team Doctor

Michael Furlong, MD Team Eye Doctor

Kevin Vandi Team Physical Therapist

Dr. Andre Chevalier Chiropractor

Jerry Lynch Team Sports Psychologist and Spiritual Advisor

Margarita Posada Head Nutritionist


Jed Mettee Executive Vice President

Robert Davis II Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service

Chris Gennuso Vice President, Stadium & Event Operations

Ian Anderson Vice President, Strategy

Kashmira Bhathena Vice President, Finance

Peggy O'Halloran Vice President, Human Resources and Payroll


Rob Bardin Director, Business Development

Kristina Wavomba Director, Sponsorship Sales and Strategy

Gordon Kane Director, Partnership Marketing

Drew Friedman Manager, Partnership Marketing

Ally Whitson Manager, Partnership Marketing

Paul Suchomel Manager, Business Development

Tucker Nichols Manager, Business Development

Ricki Kapraun Coordinator, Partnership Marketing


Alyssa Villaruz Director, Account Service

Andrew Schleicher Manager, Premium Ticket Sales

Neylene Leon Representative, Account Service

James Wilkerson Representative, Account Service

Wendy Vargas Representative, Account Service

Chauncy Voorhies Representative, Account Service


Daniel Huie Senior Accountant

Mike Fausek Controller

Kevin Velayedam Accounts Payable Manager


Michael Beaubien Head of Integrated Marketing

Rahul Devaskar Director, Community Relations

Audie Amirkiai Manager, Community Relations

Jake Pisani Director, Communications

Pedro Ortiz Coordinator, Communications

Paul Dewhurst Director, Digital Marketing

Marco Gutierrez Coordinator, Digital Marketing

Chris MacDougall Director, Creative Services

Tazio Thompson Creative Manager, Brand Identity

Sam Benavidez Creative Manager, Content

Michael Angello Garcia Video Production Specialist

Stephen Plodinec Lead Graphic Designer

Charlotte Muscroft Manager, Marketing Communications

Kelly Smith Coordinator, Marketing


Mark Raney Director, Group Sales

Alex Abrahamson Manager, Season Tickets

Cole Gaddi Account Executive, Season Tickets

Jorge Farias Account Executive, Season Tickets

Rohan Fredwin Dorairaj Account Executive, Groups

Thomas Olivera Account Executive, Groups

Miles Stray Account Executive, Groups

McKenna Musket Account Executive, Groups


Raul A. Bueno Sr. Director, Stadium Operations

Luke De Vogelaere Director, Event Operations

Jennifer Breede Director, Outside Events

Joshua Gomez Director, Facility Operations and Projects

Ryan Morfin Manager, Event Operations

Zaid Salman Manager, Guest Experience

R.P. Kirtland Manager, Supporter Relations


Jacob Thompson Senior Director, Strategy and Business Intelligence

Adam McFarlin Director, Ticket Operations

Levi Leffler Manager, Ticket Operations

Stephanie Der Manager, Ticketing Systems

Casey Hopkins CRM and Strategy Analyst


Alicia Swartz Assistant, Front Desk


Rob Nelson Assistant General Manager, San Jose Earthquakes (Fanatics)


Dylan Goodwin Coordinator, Quakes University

Sophia Dertorossian Quakes University Rookie

Alia Kaohi Quakes University Rookie

Mikey Parissenti Quakes University Rookie

Melisa Bivian Quakes University Rookie

Kathryn Hoyt Quakes University Rookie

Kelly Cunneen Quakes University Rookie

Prerna Aneja Quakes University Rookie

Nicholas Clothier Quakes University Rookie

Brooke Menesini Quakes University Rookie