Team 408

Team 408 is a free membership program for local businesses. Join Team 408 to receive Quakes-branded items, posters and gifts throughout the year to display at your business. Team 408 members become part of the Quakes with frequent communications, special offers and opportunities to get involved.

Team 408 Member Benefits

  • Quakes swag and gifts to display in your business
  • Communications from the club about upcoming events and ways to get involved
  • Special ticketing offers


Does it cost anything to join Team 408?

No, Team 408 is free to join. Local businesses that meet the criteria can apply with the form above and join for free.

Can fans join Team 408?
Fans with businesses are encouraged to apply! This program is intended for brick-and-mortar businesses. Fans cannot join Team 408 for promotional items to display in their homes.

Under what criteria are the applications being judged?
The Quakes have full discretion on who can join the program. Businesses should have a brick and mortar to display the gifts they receive. The goal is to support businesses in our market and will favor institutions located in the South Bay.

Can I leave Team 408 at any time?
Yes, there is no time commitment for Team 408. If you would like leave, please contact a member of the marketing department.