Quincy Amarikwa - Fatai Alashe - EA SPORTS FIFA 17

WATCH: Fatai Alashe & Quincy Amarikwa compete in EA SPORTS Real-Life Skill Games

EA SPORTS FIFA, the game us soccer fans (and players) know and love. 

Each fall, we wait for the fresh, new version of one of the most successful franchises in the history of video games, and no release disappoints. During MLS All-Star Week in San Jose this summer, MLS & EA SPORTS asked Quakes midfielder Fatai Alashe & forward Quincy Amarikwa to compete in a series of challenges that will be familiar to anyone who has patiently waited for their game to load. How'd they do? Let's just say there was plenty of trash talk & a clear winner. Enjoy!

You can meet the Real-Life Skills Game champion tonight at Walmart in San Jose! 


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