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QUOTE SHEET: Hear from coach Kinnear & the Quakes after Saturday night's win


Overall thoughts on the game:
“The first half we were excellent and very unfortunate to go in 1-1 at halftime. We had some good chances and we scored a beautiful goal and did some real good stuff. They obviously got us on a set piece, a little bit of confusion in the scramble. The second half was a bit more back and forth. They had possession the last part of the game and we were kind of hanging on. It was a wonderful team effort by our guys. It was the third game in a week and we tried to change the team up to keep it fresh. I’m just really happy for the win. It’s been a long time and we’re all pleased with that. I saw some results and it keeps us in the hunt. I’m really happy for the guys for the win tonight. It was good.”
On the Henok Goitom and Chad Barrett substitutions:
“We brought on Henok out for a number of reasons. On set pieces if we’re going to knock the ball long, he has height to hold the ball up. I thought he could create good opportunities for us. I don’t want to go six defenders and sit in. You still want to make sure you pressure up the field. That was the reason why the subs came in.”
On Fatai Alashe playing more up the field:
“I don’t want the forwards to be on their own. Sometimes if you play flat it lets [the opponent] have the ball and lineup in midfield, maybe 25 or 30 yards away. We’ve been encouraging Fatai to jump up there quicker and be closer to them.”
On the second free kick goal all year:
“It’s just trying to tell the guys week after week. It all depends on delivery. If you don’t have good delivery, nothing else matters. Good delivery and good determination in that penalty area. Sometimes in that penalty area on free kicks and corner kicks you have to fight for everything you can get. I’m sure Fatai had someone close to him, so it was a good determined goal for us.”
On the team’s performance:
“It’s been a tough week, let’s be honest, with the loss at Kansas City and the loss at Montreal with the heartbreak drama at the end of the game. I told the guys yesterday that I thought we would know where we’d be after the first five minutes. After the first five minutes I was very comfortable knowing the guys were going to give everything they’ve got, which was good to see.”
On David Bingham:
“He made a real good one on [Juan Manuel] Martinez where he tips over the bar. He’s been so active. He’s been great for us this year. The goal was unfortunate. It almost seemed like, ‘is this happening to us again,’ David Bingham is very good.”


On the game:
“The first half a lot of things went right, but we let ourselves down on a set piece, which has kind of been the story the last couple of weeks here. We came in at halftime and kind of got after each other a little bit, challenged ourselves to go out there and do the small things right. In the second half we did that which is why we came out with three points.”
On preparing for Colorado:
“It has been a long week, overall about 5,000 miles covered, so we just need to relax for a few days and get back going next week going into Thursday.”


On securing the victory after a few difficult games:
“Yes, it was a difficult game, but we deserved to win. We played as a team and this was very important.”
On the difference between this game and other ones this season:
“I think it is the confidence. In the last game we lost it, but thankfully I think we have it again now. We have to continue fighting and enjoying the game. We have three games left, and I think it is like three finals.”


On his goal:
“It was a great ball from Shea Salinas. He put it in a good area, I was trying to get a head on it and flick it into the near corner. Obviously, it worked out pretty well.”
On withstanding the pressure from Real Salt Lake:
“I think we came in at halftime a little disappointed, to have tied 1-1. We played pretty well throughout the first half and I think we deserved to have a lead. We needed to clean things up, obviously on set pieces, and wanted to fight together to make sure we gave ourselves a chance to come away with three points.”

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