Players looking to be part of our Academy can contact us directly via email. Anyone with further questions is asked to contact our Director of Academy Operations Alex Saunders at

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Does participation in the Academy prevent NCAA eligibility for players?

No. Players who participate in the San Jose Earthquakes Academy are eligible to go to college to play after their time in the San Jose Earthquakes Academy.

Will the San Jose Earthquakes Academy staff help with my college recruiting and selection?

Yes. The Academy staff has a myriad of college coach contacts throughout the United States. Furthermore, the teams will participate in various college showcase events where 300+ colleges attend these events. The San Jose Earthquakes Academy will also provide a year-by-year plan for all players to follow to ensure the highest level of success academically giving each player the best opportunity to make it to the collegiate level. Players are ultimately responsible for completing their schoolwork and for continuing to improve in the game. The Academy staff will provide the framework and structure to help with this success. For those players unable to manage both athletics and academics, it is the advice to players that they should focus on academics as continuing education is the number one priority for the players participating in the Academy.

While our league continues to grow as a platform for player development, it has also experienced unprecedented growth as a platform for college recruitment. More than 300 members of the Academy Class of 2009 have been identified by top college programs at every level and have indicated their intentions to play for a college team.

Can players in the Academy play with the San Jose Earthquakes first team?

Yes. Players are able to participate with the first team in training and games if selected to do so. Participation with the first team does not prevent NCAA eligibility as long as Academy players are not paid to play. Please inquire about a letter from the NCAA that verifies this information. Players in the academy will also have opportunities to participate in the MLS reserve league when it returns for the 2011 season.

Does participating in the San Jose Earthquakes Academy give all rights of a player to the San Jose Earthquakes?

No. Players participating in the academy do not lose their rights as a player. The only rights that the San Jose Earthquakes retain are the right to take a player out of college that was a previous academy player without using a draft pick in the MLS draft. The only way a Major League soccer team can own the rights to an academy player is to sign that player to a professional contract, something that does not exist for players simply playing in the academy program.

Can a San Jose Earthquakes Academy player sign a contract with the San Jose Earthquakes first team?

Yes. If a player is of the level to play for the first team, the player has the option to be signed as one of two Academy players to the first team roster. Examples of this in Major League soccer at this time are Tommy Thompson for the Quakes. It is only at the point that the player has signed the contract that the player is a part of the San Jose Earthquakes first team contracted players.

Can Academy clubs have younger players complete in older age groups?

Academy teams are encouraged to place players at their appropriate ability level. For example, the U-19 team should include a balanced mixture of 18-year-olds, 17-year-olds and a few exceptional 16-year-olds.

How does participating in the Academy affect players being seen by elite coaches?

Academy competitions provide ideal opportunities for coaches to scout players in their natural environment. Over half of all Academy matches are observed by a member of the National Team scouting network.

I am a motivated and interested player. How can I try out or be identified for the Quakes Academy opportunity?

If you are a motivated player, you can email Director of Academy Operations, Alex Saunders at