The Partners in Development program is a collaborative and inclusive effort between motivated youth development clubs throughout Northern California to identify, develop and inspire young players to new heights. The program includes both ongoing coach education, club collaboration and player development opportunities.

Why our Partnerships are Important:

We seek to identify and develop the best soccer talent in Northern California.

As the only MLS club in Northern California it is our responsibility to identify, develop and promote the best local players into our development pathway. This gives local players an opportunity to sign with our first team which competes in Major League Soccer, the highest level of soccer in the United States. Our goal is to develop and maintain good relationships with successful clubs in the Bay Area in order to identify top talents at an early age and provide a clear pathway for selected players to move into the Quakes Academy at the right time.

We seek to participate in the growth and development of clubs in Northern California.

Better clubs attract and develop better players. As such, we seek to participate and assist in the development of as many clubs as possible, both on and off the field. We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere and that we have as much to learn from our partners as they have to learn from us. We seek to foster relationships based on trust and respect which will lead to solid partnerships in the youth development space.

We want every player in Northern California to have a connection to the Earthquakes.

In addition to identifying, developing and promoting the best players to become part of the Quakes Academy, we also seek to create as many fans of the Earthquakes as possible. We believe that fan creation is about developing an affinity with the club. As such, we want as many players, coaches and family members as possible to have a positive experience with the Quakes.

If you're interested in partnering with the San Jose Earthquakes Academy, please contact Alex Saunders at