2022 Preseason

Preseason Notebook: The arrival of the Second Team


The Quakes’ Second Team arrived at Santa Barbara over the weekend to join the First Team in their second week of preseason training. With no time to waste, the Second Team got to work right away taking on their first double-session training day on Monday.

After an intense, cold, and early morning session, both Quakes squads returned to the practice field to focus on their second session of the day. With gray skies and a chilly evening ahead, both teams fought it off with a training session involving offensive drills.

Training started with the First Team taking over the left side of the field, while the Second Team worked from the right side. The coaching staff later operated two different offensive drills – one involving shooting and the other having a combination of shadowing and dribbling. With the Second Team on site, head coach Matias Almeyda mixed in players from the First and Second team into the two different drills running simultaneously. The coaches would later swap players around before wrapping the evening with some stretching.

The goalkeepers continued their preseason grind with goalkeeper coach Carlos Roa leading the way. Matt Bersano, JT Marcinkowski, and Emi Ochoa also expanded their squad by welcoming the goalies from the Second Team to their session drills.