2022 Preseason

Q&A: Preseason Catch-Up with Chofis


After making his MLS debut in 2021, Mexican midfielder Chofis is back on loan with the Earthquakes through June 2022. Chofis, 27, scored a team-high 12 goals, including three game-winning goals, and added four assists in 32 appearances last season.

With the Quakes’ home opener vs. the New York Red Bulls approaching later this month on Feb. 26, Chofis filled us in on how he is getting ready for MLS action.

This will be your second year with San Jose. What are you looking forward to this season now that you have experience in MLS?

“I think my goal right now is to play well during these next six months here and finish in the best way possible, regardless if I end up going to another club or staying here. I’m going to prepare myself for my future whether that’s here or somewhere else.”

What are some of your goals for the 2022 MLS season?

“I believe we have a good group and I have full confidence that we can pull this off and do well. I also feel good physically and am confident. I’m ready for the season and hope that it goes well and even better for me than last season.”

How would you compare this year’s preseason with other preseasons in your career in Mexico or in other places?

“Preseasons can be similar. I think I’ve done well during this preseason when it comes to the rhythm of the game. I’ve felt well and that’s largely due to knowing this coaching staff for a while now and how they operate. What’s important about preseason is to gain confidence and rhythm to start the season in the best shape, be better prepared, and individually have a better season than last year.”

What can you tell us about the team environment in Santa Barbara?

“Even though I don’t know the new players well yet, I can tell that they’re great guys. You can see that they like to work hard so we have to adapt to them fast so that we can do well. I’ve always said that this is a good group. Since the first day I arrived, everyone has supported each other, no one thinks they’re better than everyone else. That speaks really well about the group.”